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Business Agreement
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Here in after referred to as the Sender on the one part.
Asia Travel Needs (ATN) 
Phum Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap City, Cambodia.
Office Phone: +855 63 966 769
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Here in after referred to as The Receiver on the other part.
The two parties have approved of signing the Contract on handling package tours for tourists to Cambodia with the following articles:
Article1: General Terms & Conditions
a/ Package tour in this Contract means the services that ensure for tourists departing from Europe, America and Asia possessive all necessary legal passport and visa to visit Cambodia and enjoy a Tour Program agreed by both parties then return home.
b/ The number of tourists of each group and details of Tour Programs will be fixed by both parties. The Tour Guide designated by the Receiver for each group must assume the responsibility in carrying out the itinerary that had been agreed by both parties. The Tour Leader designated by the Sender for each group is to help the Tour Guide in communicating with tourists.
Article 2: Bookings
a/ At least 30 days before the Group's arrival date, the Sender must confirm the Receiver final naming list of the Group
b/ Upon arrival, each tourist group shall give the voucher with the form as stipulated in the annex enclosed. The Receiver is to provide services to every tourist on the basis of the voucher. Any service not be mentioned in the voucher has to be paid on spot by tourist.
c/ The Sender shall send rooming list and other information to The Receiver at least 30 days prior to Groups arrival date.

d/ The Receiver has to inform the Sender when there is any change concerning the service for a confirmed group at least 15 days prior to the arrival date and these changes must be agreed by the Sender. Otherwise The Receiver shall bear all extra expenses or all compensation requested by the tourists.
Article 3: Payment
a/ Tour payment shall be done either by bank transfer to Receiver Access A/C at least 14 days before arrival or by cash upon arrival of each group. The Receiver shall inform the Sender the total amount to be paid in advance and forward the invoice of each group to the Sender. 
b/ Our bank in Siem Reap is the Singapore Banking Cooperation Ltd. (SBC). In order to send money there, have your bank adhere to the following Instructions: 
c/ Account Name: Asia Travel Needs Co., LTD.
Account Nº:  31-2021-600043-8 
Bank Name: Singapore Banking Cooperation Ltd
Address:#68, Samdech Pan Street (St214), Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Note: All bank service charges will be borne by the payee.

The Receiver has to give the receipt to the Sender when get the payment from the Tour Leader of each group.
Article 4: Inevitable Cause
Neither parties shall be responsible for any damages caused by inevitable causes whatsoever and howsoever beyond the control of The Sender or The Receiver affected by, including but not limited to, decrees of the Government or Government Agencies, refusal of Government authorizations, court orders act of God, the Public Enemy, strikers or concerted act of workman, fire, flood, hail storm, explosions, earthquakes, epidemics, riot, war, rebellion or quarantine restrictions.
Article 5: Revision / Amendment
a/ This Contract can be revised or amended whenever necessary.
Modifications or additions to the Contract shall be made in the form of annexes and must be approved in writing by both parties. Either party can request modifications or Additions to the Contract by written notice sending to other party. If there is no objection, the modification or additions requested shall be automatically deemed to be effective after 30 days from the date of receipt of written notice.

b/  If a party objects to the modifications or additions, the requested party shall inform the  requesting party within 60 days from the date of receipt of the written notice of such objection. In such circumstance, the Agreement shall be deemed to be suspended as from the date the requesting party receives the written notice of objection until both parties reach the agreement in such regard in writing. Without prejudice to the suspension, each party agrees to fulfill all obligations arising before.
Article 6: Annexes
All Annexes agreed and confirmed by the parties are inseparable part of this Contract and having legal value with this Contract.
Article 7: Execution & Termination
a/ This Contract shall be effective from the date of signature by both parties, and shall remain in force from the day signed by both parties until further notice.
b/ This Contract may be terminated by either party, giving to the other party 60 days prior notice by registered letter.
c/ Termination of this Contract shall not relieve the parties from any obligation or liability incurred there under before termination.
d/ This Contract is made in English on 16th August 2009 into 2 copies of which one for each party with the same legal validity.

For and on behalf of
Asia Travel Needs.
For and on behalf of
...Your Company