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Cambodia Facts

Cambodia is one of the world's newest and most exciting travel destinations. After years of isolation, Cambodia opened the door to tourists in 1990s and numbers of tourists have increased every year. The fabulous heritage, warm friendly people and an untamed wild landscape, the beautiful and extensive temple ruins at Angkor, now a UNESCO Heritage site, represent the glorious Khmer civilization and one of the most spectacular historical sites in Asia.

Cambodia is bordered on the northeast by Laos, on the east and southeast by Vietnam, on the west and northwest by Thailand, and on the southwest by the Gulf of Thailand (Siam). The Country's capital and largest city is Phnom Penh. Cambodia covers an area of 181,035 sq km (69,898sq miles). The country's terrain mostly consists of low and flat plains which is mainly fertile by the Mekong and Tonle Sap river, whereas highland and mountains surrounded by evergreen forests lie at the North and South.

Mekong river (Northeast and Southeast) and Tonle Sap (Great Lake, Central Part of Cambodia) which feed most of Cambodian population in terms of fish, crops and plant cultivation, meet the Mekong River at Phnom Penh, forming a lovely unique site for celebrating cultural and social activities every year and so for various industrialization sites.

The Dangreks (Northern area), the Cardamoms (Northern and Eastern) and the Elephant Mountains (Southern) provide the Kingdom with a great deal of benefits such as obscure wild monsoon which carries storms and cyclone, wildlife and various high class species of tropical trees, streams and waterfalls, and also hideouts for rebels throughout the history and other mysterious things which is worthy of taking adventure into.
Motto:  Nation – Religion – King
Country Name: Kingdom of Cambodia
Land Area: 181,035 sq km (69,898 sq miles)
Capital: Phnom Penh
Population: 14, 131, 858 million (2007 estimate)
Density: 80 persons/ Sq Km /207 persons/ Sq mile (2007 estimate)
Ethnic Groups: Khmer (~95%), ethnic-Chinese, ethnic-Vietnamese, Cham, several ethnic minority groups, most located in the northeastern section of the country (groups include: Kuy, Mnong, Stieng, Brao, Tampuan, Pear, Jarai, Radee, Brao, Krung and Kavet.)
Major religion:  Theravada Buddhism 85%, Indigenous beliefs 4%, Muslim 2%, Nonreligious 2%, and other 7% Christianity, Animism 
Major language: Khmer, secondarily English and French
Life expectancy: 57.7 years for male, and 61.7 years for female (2007 estimate)
Infant mortality rate: 67 deaths/ 1000 live births
Literacy rate: Female 62.5%, Male 81% (2005 estimate)
Number of years of compulsory schooling: 6 years (1997)
Number of students per teacher, primary school: 56 students per teacher (2002- 2003)
Form of government: Constitutional Monarchy
Climate:Tropical monsoon with 2 main seasons – dry season (Oct-May), and Rainy Season (June-Sept)
Terrain: Mostly low, flat plains; mountains in southwest and north
Currency: Riel (US$1=4000riels)
Voltage: 220v/50Hz
Time: GMT +7 hours 
Country Calling Code: 855
Internet domain: .kh
Business Hours: 7:30-12:00 / 2:00-5:00 Closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday