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Volunteering Tours
Living in the shadow of the Khmer Rouge atrocities, Cambodia continues to suffer from the years of famine, destruction and violence. Everything was demolished during the wars and a lot people continue to suffer, especially the orphaned children who have lost their parents to land-mines, disease or poverty.

Many Cambodians living in rural areas still lack the basics needs of life. Less than 16% of people have access to improved sanitation facilities, only 31% of rural Cambodians have access to clean & safe drinking water, and many live on incomes of less than $10 per month. To these people, foreign support is essential.

It is possible to include some volunteering into any itinerary or to design a program with a specific project in mind. If you are interested in making a difference through an NGO, please contact us for suggestions and options.

The seven days of charitable Cambodia tour, you will not only experience the wonder of Angkor Wat and the rural beauty of Siem Reap but also have the opportunity to visit and support several local charities. Flying home, you will be left with fond memories of your travels and the smiles of the Khmer people.
Cambodia Charitable Tour provides financial support for several non-profit charities in Cambodia. There are also additional opportunities for travelers to make donations at other NGOs. Asia Travel Needs is a leader in volunteering and helping rural communities and orphans. By the way we have a full time dedicated team responsible for researching new projects and rural poverty people in Cambodia, as well as ensuring the smooth operations of our trips.