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Educational Tours
South East Asia provides an excellent opportunity to expose young people to living history and modern culture. Each educational tour itinerary includes a project with local children adversely affected by land-mines or Agent Orange. We explore key places of political, social and spiritual significance in South East Asia, balancing active exploration of selected sites with quiet reflection.

Our goal is to help students be better equipped to participate as citizens in the global community with a sense of social responsibility and moral consciousness. We are committed to principles of safety, comfort, integrity, understanding, adventure, and service. Students are safely exposed to authentic Cambodian cultural life, tours of small villages, local art and theatre, along with quality urban accommodations and cuisine.

This tour is suitable for anyone who is moderately active - we've had 10-80 year olds join us on our itineraries. The itinerary has been designed to maximize comfort and safety whilst also giving you the opportunity to experience local transport and take part in daily life. We utilize private vans, taxis, boats, and tuk-tuks.