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A world apart from the splendour of the Angkor temples, we can introduce you to that world through Cambodian home-stays. Families happily welcome guests into their homes and are delighted to share and exchange insight into Cambodian ways and traditions. The home-stay program provides guests an opportunity to see and participate in the everyday lives and activities of rural Cambodian families. Visitors may also volunteer to teach English and other professional skills to villagers eager to improve their lives through knowledge. Home-stays also enable visitors and villagers to meet people whom they have often only seen from a distance while also experiencing a broader world through the sharing of their lives with others. Come enjoy a Cambodia home-stay with Asia Travel Needs, it's much more than a vacation.
Cambodia homestay is in rural areas where guests have opportunities to learn about Cambodian culture, including local handicrafts production and rural Cambodian lifestyle. Welcoming Cambodian families are eager to have foreign visitors stay in their homes as the home stay experience is a cross -cultural experience.
Home staying at the local village is an extraordinary experience! You immediately feel part of the family. It was definitely a worthwhile visit with amazing local cuisine prepared by the local cooks and great hospitality from the entire family and you will never forget this home stay experience with Asia Travel Needs.
This day is a chance to help improve the quality of life for people in the commune. Typical activities include working with local children in the community, picking up litter, and making the area safer for the future. This day aims to not only improve the community, but also provide teaching for the future. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided as normal by the host family. In the evening spend time with local children, playing games and dancing. Overnight in Krabei Real village