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Why Asia Travel Needs
Asia Travel Needs offers a range of unique, tailor-made holidays and privately guided adventures in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia.
Our first priority is to ensure that you don't just visit South East Asia... you experience South East Asia.
Asia Travel Needs creates tailor-made holidays for independently minded travellers looking for a unique experience, not just a run-of-the-mill holiday. We believe that the perfect holiday rarely happens by chance. Rather, it’s an amalgamation of perfect experiences - which is where we come in. We have been creating one-of-a-kind tailor-made holidays in South East Asia since 2009, and we are extremely passionate about what we do.
Our passion for South East Asia is reflected in the holidays we offer, where the emphasis is on quality at a competitive price.

Top Reasons for Using Asia Travel Needs
Our Quality Services 
Asia Travel Needs is committed to quality in all aspects of the products and services we provide. Your tour will be an unforgettable experience and extremely good value for money.

Fast and Efficient
Our tours are operated by real people based locally. We have all the information at our finger tips and your requests will be responded to quickly. During your tour, we can accommodate last minute changes and include additional activities quickly.
Cost Effective 
We offer the most effective rates for our clients. We will inform you about news and updates, let you know about special promotions, and offer advice on particular products and activities. Your payments are conducted by active local teams and we always get the best value for your travel dollar. 
We have a wide range of travel products including joint tours, coach tours, module tours, and short vacations. Group sizes vary from  from 2 guests to 20 guests. Each individual guest will receive personal attention to cater to their needs.
We want to create your dream holiday. We appreciate your comments and advice, and we will work with your ideas to offer the best holiday for you. Even when your tour has commenced, we can accommodate some last minute changes and include additional activities as requested. 

Sustainable & Responsible Travel 
At Asia Travel Needs, sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism are highly valued. We do not work with companies that encourage smoking, deforestation, or disrupt life in local communities. We will help you visit local communities to experience their culture, history and daily activities, without impacting on them or the environment.

Deal or no deal, we are always happy to provide you with news and updated information about South East Asia. Here at Asia Travel Needs it is our pleasure to welcome you to our home and region. We will do whatever we can to make your holiday special.
Fresh Attitude 
Our staff are young, professional and enthusiastic about creating your dream holiday. We will go out of our way to accommodate your requests. We are passionate about our country and are willing to offer news, updated information and advice to ensure your holiday in South East Asia exceeds your expectations. 

We are young enough to regularly refresh our business ideas, systems and structures, but we are experienced enough to ensure your enjoyment while travelling.